How it works

What is DomainFlag/uDomainFlag/dfdata?

uDomainFlag is the installable browser extension available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and many other browsers which displays you a country flag within the browser. This shows you where the server behind a website is located.
When you access a website, the extension detects what IP address was delivered by the server and verifies it with an request against where the IP address is located. The the example below, the server behind is located in 🇩🇪 Germany. (next to the address bar)
You can find more information on how the extension works at How the client works?.

DomainFlag is this website and provides you additional information to domains and IP addresses not shown within the browser extension. For example you can lookup the domain to see what we know about this domain.
I am currently in the process of expanding this website and displaying further useful information. The website is therefore constantly being expanded with new functions.

dfdata, udfdata or is the data backend of uDomainFlag and DomainFlag. All data displayed within the browser extension and this website is fetched from that source. It is the main part of all functions.
Detailed information on how the server/backend part works can be found at How the server works?.